NIFT Coaching in Bangalore

NIFT Creative Ability Test CAT is designed to assess the creativity of the candidates. This test is administered to judge the intuition skill, power of observation, innovation in development of a concept and design ability of the candidate. An important aspect of the test is the creative and innovative use of colour and illustration skills.

NIFT Coaching in Bangalore
How to Crack NIFT – NIFT Coaching in Bnaglore

Following are the list of the topics which candidates can expect questions in NIFT CAT

Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions

Natural & Geometrical Form

Creative thinking & writing

Visual Logic

Theme Development

Memory Drawing

Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions

Developing Themes & Colour Associations

3D Visualisation

Exercises on imagination

Graphics & Pictograms

Colour Terminology

Elements & Principles Of Design

Innovation in Design

Optical Illusion

Form & Function

Drawing Fundamentals

Inspiration & Creativity

Usage of Colour in Compositions

Presentation Techniques

Lateral Thinking

Innovation & Creation

Inspiration & Design Development

Mood, Theme & Colour Inter-relationship

Principles of Composition

Understanding Light & Shade

Colour, Pattern & Texture

Picture Analysis

Ornaments & motifs

Foreshortening & Perspective

Imagination & Doodling

Expression & Emotion

Story Pictures

Design Awareness

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