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10 Tips to Crack UCEED Entrance Exam

The Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design is known as “UCEED”. IIT Bombay administers the exam, which is overseen by the UCEED-CEED implementation committee. It is an entrance exam that allows qualified candidates to enroll in Bachelor of Design (B.Des) programs at universities that accept the UCEED score. IIT Bombay conducts UCEED once a year, usually in January. Here we will discuss 10 tips to crack UCEED entrance exam.

The UCEED exam requires a combination of logical and creative thinking. Candidates’ Observation skills, Visual Ability, Spatial Ability, Sensitivity to Design needs, and Social and Environmental awareness are all examined during the test.

In comparison to any other typical design admission test, UCEED necessitates a different approach. This is because UCEED 2022 is a computer-based exam with a physical drawing question that candidates must complete on a separate sheet. Unlike other design entry tests, there is no second phase of testing (studio, material handling, interviews, or portfolios).

If you are someone appearing for the UCEED examinations this year or next year, here are ten terrific tips to crack UCEED 2022 that can help you succeed. Keep these ten handy tips in mind and you’ll be able to crack the exam with ease:

  • Make a Proper Schedule
    • Be informed of the syllabus and prioritize your schedule accordingly. Make a priority list and try to schedule your time properly. Give each subject the same amount of time and make sure to get enough rest and eat healthy foods.
  • Keep Your Focus on Mathematical Geometry
    • Math is an important aspect of design. Thus solving mathematical issues is essential. The paper contains mathematical geometry-type questions that can help evaluate a person’s inventive abilities, observation skills, creativity, and lateral thinking.
  • Work on Your Visualized Skills
    • Take note of everything that is going around you. Observe your surroundings and try to remember and draw them out. Observation will assist you in improving your memory as it is one of the essential abilities tested in the UCEED exam, and practice observation will improve the result of the Design exam.
  • Newspapers are Must
    • One of the important tips to crack UCEED is the candidates should make it a habit to read newspapers every day. This would be useful not only for current affairs questions but also for drawing questions. Some questions on the UCEED exam ask students to offer their answers in the form of a plot. It has been noticed that children who engage in creative visualizations and read newspaper comic strips have an easier time developing a tale.
  • Practice Drawing
    • Basic perspective drawings and figure sketches are good to practice. For design exams, it’s also essential to instill creative thinking. Sketch commonplace items. This should involve depicting objects in their natural state, complete with material and feel. You don’t have to be a brilliant artist, but you should be able to communicate effectively through your sketches.
  • Practice Reasoning
    • The reasoning problems in the UCEED are highly difficult, and applicants are urged to solve as many riddles and puzzles as they can to master this phase of the exam. As it is often said, practice makes a man perfect, therefore solving the most problems will also make you perfect. Reasoning questions can help applicants improve their ability to swiftly solve the questions that will be presented to them on exam day.
  • Understanding of English
    • It is not necessary to be fluent in English. However, reading, comprehension, and the ability to communicate ideas are crucial. As a result, having a basic understanding of English as a language is critical. Read newspapers and periodicals daily to gain a better understanding of how language is used to describe diverse events, circumstances, and so on.
  • Sample Papers are a Treasure
    • Another important tip to crack UCCED is candidates should take as many mock examinations and sample papers as they can to prepare for the UCEED exam. Solving UCEED sample papers and mock tests will help you gain a sense of the types of questions that will be asked on the entrance exam, as well as figure out how to finish the UCEED question paper on time on exam day.
  • Ensure Timely Completion
    • Candidates need to attempt a three-hour UCEED test that includes Numerical Answer Type (NAT), Multiple Select Questions (MSQ), Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), and a drawing question. As a result, to pass the exam with flying colors students must ensure timely completion. To prevent last-minute stress, that one needs to practice a lot.
  • Know Environmental Studies
    • Because the environment is a major concern for many people these days, candidates who want to pass the UCEED exam should be aware of current environmental issues and occurrences.

Any form of the exam can cause anxiety and tension in a student’s life, so make sure you follow these suggestions and, in addition to them, maintain a healthy routine to keep your mind and life balance.


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