As the saying goes, “well started is half done.” Nothing is more advantageous than beginning your NIFT 2024 exam preparation with the best available books. It is because quality study materials are current, clearly explain the concepts, won’t be confusing or veer off course, and have few to no errors. On the other hand, if you become entangled in unfavourable books, you will end up wasting a tremendous amount of time and effort in vain. So, we’ve put together a list of the top NIFT 2024 study guides here. Make them a part of your preparation strategy, and you won’t have any trouble passing NIFT 2024.

But first, let’s take a moment to understand the NIFT 2024 exam structure before deciding which book is the best for NIFT exam preparation.

Two rounds of the NIFT 2024 entrance exam are held:

Round I: The CAT and GAT written exams are combined in this round. Candidates for the B.Des. and M.Des. degrees must take the CAT and GAT. Candidates for the B.F.Tech., M.F.Tech., and M.F.M. programmes must only take the GAT.
Candidates who advanced to Phase II must participate in this round. Candidates for the B.Des programme take a situational test. Candidates for postgraduate programmes must participate in a group discussion or an individual interview (GDPI).
There will be no Round II for B.F.Tech. applicants; instead, admission decisions will be made solely on the basis of GAT results.

NIFT Best Books 2024: Suggested by Top Students and Experts

Let’s look at the top books for preparing for the NIFT 2024 exam now that we are familiar with the entrance exam’s makeup and structure.

You can find a list of books that can be used to ace the NIFT 2024 entrance exam in the table below. Although the list is brief, it should be sufficient for you to pass the exam with ease. Remember that it is simple to amass a large library, but it is far more simple to become lost among them.

Limit the number of books you keep to the absolute minimum. The mantra is to prepare smart, not hard!


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NIFT 2024 Study Material: Subject-wise Books, Secret Tips

● Subject: Current Affairs and GK Book- Arihant Books
Read the Hindu and the Times of India.

What to read: skim through the headlines and pay attention to what is happening on a national and international scale. Pick an editorial or opinion piece and practise 10–20 new words every day.
Keep a notepad; use it as a store for all of your knowledge; it will be useful for quick review.

● Subject- Maths Book: NIFT Arihant
Why: It covers the entire math portion needed for NIFT 2024.

However, if you want to do additional reading, then opt for RS Aggarwal.

● Subject: English Book: NIFT Arihant

● Subject: GAT

Work through sample papers from the last ten or so years and NIFT questions from prior years.

To succeed, you must finish as many sample papers as you can. To evaluate your progress, you can also finish a sample paper three or four times.


Candidates assert that word meanings can be repeated even though there is a very small chance that the same question will appear twice in the NIFT entrance exam. Candidates assert that word meanings can be repeated even though there is a very small chance that the same question will appear twice in the NIFT entrance exam. The candidate will greatly benefit if they carefully practise the words from those paragraphs.

Practice exams are based on the LearnX Mock Test Series books.

NIFT Alumni Series of Mock Exams Making a note Making the habit of taking notes is just as important as studying from the best books and finishing practise exams.
Write down everything that stands out or causes concern. This notebook will serve as a quick revision guide in the future.

In conclusion:

You can quickly review all of the topics on the syllabus if your notes are well organised. On the other hand, if you don’t make notes, you’ll have to go back and review the important details in each paragraph, chapter, or book.

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