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Career Opportunities After 12th in Creative Field – Design, Architecture & Fine Arts

NIFT Bangalore

Creativity is a force that transcends boundaries, giving shape to ideas, spaces, and emotions. For those who dream beyond convention, the world of design, architecture, and fine arts beckons as a canvas of boundless possibilities. In this comprehensive guide, we will embark on a journey through the realm of Career Opportunities after 12 in the […]

Fashion Designing Courses After 12th: List, Eligibility, Top Colleges, Scope 2023-24

Fashion Designing Courses

The world of fashion designing is a canvas of creativity and innovation, where style becomes a form of self-expression. If you’ve completed your 12th grade and possess a passion for fashion, embarking on a journey in fashion designing can be both rewarding and exhilarating. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the realm of […]

Career Path For Bachelors of Design Course

Career Path For B.f.tech Aspirants: Colleges, Eligibility And Salary Scope

This article contains all the details that you need to know about Career Path For Bachelors of Design Course. the programme of B.F.Tech. Find out the fees, eligibility criteria, skills required, top colleges as well as scope of the course here. It will give you a great insight into the programme and you will develop […]

NIFT Admission Process

admshn (1)

Getting enrolled in the country’s most esteemed institution for designing is indeed a tough job. A lot of preparation and confidence is required to pass each step and reach your destination. NIFT is known to be one of the well established institutions with its campus spread across the country in different cities. The institution is […]

All about NIFT

NIFT Coaching in Bangalore

NIFT is the country’s first fashion institute, founded in 1986, and has been at the forefront of supplying professional human resources to the textile and clothing industries. It was established as a formal institute in 2006 by an Act of the Indian Parliament, with the President of India as its “Visitor,” and it now has […]

What Are Different Courses Available in Fashion Designing?


For the past so many years, fashion designing has seen an evolution in its course structure and importance. From the very beginning, the fashion industry has seen a lot of struggle in making its place as a legit career option. People have presumed that fashion designing is directly linked to the glamorous and passionate work […]

What Exactly Does a Fashion Designer Do?

Cracking UCEED Exam

All clothing is designed by Fashion Designer. From Sportswear to maternity clothing, from outerwear to underwear to formalwear and eyeglasses, and footwear are examples of this. Belts, scarves, hats, wallets, and hosiery are all designed by accessory designers. Fashion designers are found at all levels of the fashion industry, from well-known couturiers to unknown fashion […]

Career Opportunities in Fashion Designing


Fashion design is a glamourous and appealing career option that opens up a world of possibilities for anyone with a passion for the fashion industry. Today, one can specialize in one of the many fields provided by the fashion industry, such as apparel design, jewelry design, and accessory design. The possibilities are endless! A fashion […]

Tips to Become a Successful Designer

tips to become a sucessful designer

If you are planning on establishing your name in the fashion industry, you need to have a strong background for it. Only work experience won’t decide your destiny. Sometimes people with excellent artwork, fail in making a name for themselves in this industry. The fashion industry is a very crucial part of our lives. Whatever […]

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