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Top 10 Fashion Designing Institutes in World


Top 10 Fashion Designing Institutes in World : Embark on Excellence Know more Top 10 Fashion Designing Institutes in World. The decision to pursue a career in fashion design is not easy, but choosing a suitable school, which is the first step in this direction, is even more difficult. Picking the perfect fashion curriculum and […]

Top 10 Fashion Designing Institutes in India

Top 10 Fashion Designing Institutes in India

Exploring the Top 10 Fashion Designing Institutes in India NIFT, Delhi The National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFT), Delhi, was founded in 1986 by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, in technical collaboration with the FIT, New York. NIFT Delhi is one of the country’s premier design schools, with its headquarters in New Delhi. […]


dimensional design

Draping is the technique of making a two-dimensional design three-dimensional. Draping has been practiced since 3500 BCE, with the Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians being the first to do so. The introduction of draped silhouettes like the chiton, peplos, chlamys, and himation followed in Greek fashion. The toga, a length of fabric that wraps and drapes […]

Pattern making


A variety of processes go into the creation of a garment. The most crucial factor in determining whether a garment is accepted or rejected is its fit. To accept body bulges in a flattering manner, the fit must be integrated into the original pattern through subtleties in the pattern that supply fullness unobtrusively at appropriate […]


photo top

Photography is the art, science, and practice of capturing and preserving images by recording light, either electronically with an image sensor or chemically with a light-sensitive material like photographic film. It has a wide range of applications in research, manufacturing (e.g., photolithography), and business, in addition to its more immediate applications in art, film and […]

Fashion design


Designers of jewelry and accessories such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces use a range of techniques to create their creations. Designers must sometimes anticipate changes in consumer wants due to the length of time it takes to bring a garment to market. Individual clothing’ looks are created by fashion designers, who consider shape, color, fabric, […]

Boutique Management


The principles of fashion design are covered in this short-term course on boutique management. It adds a new level to the course and teaches how to run a small business. Students must complete a course syllabus that includes studies in materials, embellishment, garment manufacturing, and design implementation and marketing. This six-month course teaches students who […]

Design Entrance

NIFT UG Courses

The mantra of this blog about Design Entrance is ‘Recycle, Remix and Re-wear’. Jasleen Kaur and Sonu Bohra started Fashion Bombay six years ago, bonding over a common passion for dressing up. The blog caters to every girl-next-door and is an attempt to revive style by creating chic looks using old clothes. Jazz up your Indian […]

Aditya Academy Of Architecture & Design Bangalore

Aditya Academy Of Architecture & Design Bangalore

Aditya Academy of Architecture & Design:  (Karnataka CET Code: E243) aspires to give a vigorous hands-on program interweaving holistic pedagogy brought to students by some of the finest faculty members in the industry. The program will intend to make pragmatic architects out of the raw talent of students who are full of energy and ready […]

Admission Design Institute

1614149829Blog 3

Know more Admission Design Institute. With the aim of making fashion accessible to women, Style Inked by Manvi Gandotra is a guide to put together different looks. A fashion enthusiast for as long as she can remember, Manvi has been a fashion designer for years before she decided to start blogging. Style Inked is all […]

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