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National Institute Of Fashion Technology 2023 NIFT Entrance Exam, Whether the students are learning for a class or just for enjoyment, self-studying is a fantastic way for students to employ to improve their learning. In addition to what is taught in textbooks and during class lectures, students who employ self-study can learn more. They are inspired to learn more about subjects they are interested in by engaging in self-study, and as a result, they improve their study skills. 


Self-study shows out to be the most productive way of studying when it comes to cracking tough examinations like NIFT Entrance Exam. The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is an independent institution that provides management, technology, design, and fashion courses. The headquarters are located in New Delhi, India.


Every year, the NIFT Entrance Exam for undergraduate admissions draws up to 22,000 applicants. About 7,700 applicants are successful. The candidates are given over 2,400 seats based on their merit. Due to intense competition, you must adhere to an efficient self-study strategy if you want to ace the NIFT exam. You need to bear in mind a few helpful ideas to pass the NIFT Entrance Exam test before you begin studying hard for it.


 ● Understand the syllabus well 

Make sure you first have a complete understanding of the syllabus. This will guarantee that you don’t waste time learning something unimportant. Follow the NIFT entrance exam’s suggested format. Remember that doing this allows you to concentrate intensely on the desired topic. 

● Solve previous year’s papers 

Incorporate as many practice paper solutions as you can. This will facilitate answering queries more quickly and accurately. Additionally, complete the previous year’s papers to assist with determining the exam’s format and degree of difficulty. Give weaker areas greater attention.


 ● Practice sketching

 Start by lightly sketching the thoughts without providing any details in order to save time. Use appropriate supplies when practicing sketching. If you have terrible sketching skills, enroll in a drawing class and practice frequently. 


● Polish your General Knowledge 

Read daily newspapers and magazines. Keep up with basic information, such as trends in clothing, textiles, and craft, as well as old-school techniques like printing, weaving, and embroidery. You should also be aware of the well-known designers who have contributed to this challenging sector. 


● Balanced Practice 

As you practise the NIFT Entrance Exam example paper, remember to strike a balance between the answer’s speed and accuracy. You must take care to avoid wasting time by erasing and redrawing for a brief period of time, as most applicants do. To ensure this, it is advisable that you sketch lightly initially, focusing primarily on illustrative elements. Once you are satisfied with the general layout and measurements, you should move on to the detailed work. 


● Concentrate and apply. 

Students must develop their creative abilities. Also, you should sit and pay close attention for several hours while working. Review your work frequently as you work, and take note of any mistakes you may have made. Apply what you learn from observing your surroundings to your work. Your ability to think creatively and beyond the box will be improved by this. 


● Stay confident 

You would be greatly helped and kept in a different place if you tried to be optimistic in order to keep yourself calm and comfortable. Students who routinely do NIFT Entrance Exams practice report less test anxiety in terms of study stress. Finally, applicants must be prepared physically and psychologically for entrance exams. Candidates shouldn’t put undue pressure on themselves. Before the exam, put your books aside for a few days and try to relax, have fun, and maintain your composure and you are all set to crack the examination to get into your dream college. All The Best!


Ignite India Education is inspired by the former President of India Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision of “India Beyond 2020”. Our aim is to fulfill his vision by empowering society and transforming India into a developed nation through education. 

We are committed to spread awareness among the new generation, and provide preparation classes for different  entrance exams Like NIFT Coaching, NID Coaching, UCEED Coaching, and CEED Coaching, for new age career opportunities. Ignite India was established in 2006. Ignite Study Points are in across country  including NIFT Coaching New Delhi , NIFT Coaching Bangalore, NIFT Coaching Mumbai, NIFT Coaching Chennai, NIFT Coaching Hyderabad,  NIFT Coaching Ahmedabad, NIFT Coaching in Patna etc . 

Objective of this initiative is to guide, mentor and inspire young minds who want to pursue careers in the fields of Architecture, Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, Interior, Law, Hotel, Management and other new age career opportunities. 


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